The HealthmateForever TENS unit is a tiny device that packs a powerful punch of uses. What is especially unique about this instrument is that it not only provides pain relief. It also delivers current for massage, muscle toning, acupuncture, and weight loss! It comes with a quality guarantee and lifetime warranty.

FEATURES of the HealthmateForever TENS Unit NK10GL

Portable – Its small size, approximately that of a deck of cards, makes for easy transport. Pads can be worn discreetly under clothing and used during a variety of activities, such as working and shopping. Provides hands-free use. Fits in your pocket!

Safe – FDA approval ensures safety of use. You are in control of the degree of electrical stimulation, which is easily adjustable. A locking feature prevents accidental adjustments to your program. An automatic shut-off timer also provides protection.

Dual Delivery – Multiple areas of the body can be targeted with the use of the 2 leads. Each lead has a separate power control. This provides the ability to tailor the level of current to the area being treated.

Powerful – Transmits the current equivalent of a professional TENS unit, like those used by physical therapists and chiropractors with 20 levels of intensity.

Multiple Modes – The unit has 10 modes – including acupuncture, weight loss, body building, combination, and 4 modes of massage: tuina, tapping, cupping, and guasha. The pulse sensations for massage are:

Backlit Panel – Enables use in dimly lit areas.

Battery-Operated – The unit runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. It comes with 2 charging units that either plug into a wall or your personal computer. A single charge will run the unit for 10-15 hours.

Battery Level Indicator – Tells you when to recharge the lithium battery.

User-Friendly – Simple to set up. Panel controls are easy to read.

Resource Guides – The unit comes with 3 valuable resources: a Chinese medicine chart illustrating acupuncture points, an operating manual, and a booklet describing common conditions and corresponding sites for electrode placement.

Sturdy Packaging – Each component fits securely within its own storage well, inside a durable gift box.

Outstanding Customer Service – Healthmateforever responds punctually with replacements of components that are not working optimally.


The HealthmateForever Pulse Massager NK10GL provides benefits that exceed those of conventional TENS units. This is made possible by specific modes for weight loss, body building, massage, and acupuncture.

So you can see how the effectiveness of the HealthmateForever TENS unit is supported by scientific evidence.

The HealthmateForever TENS unit can dramatically improve the quality of your life. It is a revolutionary, technologically advanced device. HealthmateForever NK10GL can put you in the driver’s seat on the road back to health.

HealthmateForever has a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so you have nothing to lose!  Try it today!

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