2015 Best Roadside Assistance Plans

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How to pick the best roadside assistance

Good Sam offers roadside assistance for breakdowns, flats, tows and other common auto issues. The company specializes in coverage for RVs and offers several service plans for those kinds of vehicles. However, they also have a comprehensive plan for regular family vehicles. Their Good Sam Platinum+ plan covers all household vehicles you own (which means any non-commercial vehicles like cars, SUVs and minivans). They also automatically cover you, your spouse and your dependent children under your plan.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Review

One great feature is their unlimited distance towing policy. If your car needs to be towed, they will cover the total towing cost to the nearest service facility. Other top companies only cover towing up to a certain amount and you have to pay the rest. Also, members get large 15% discounts, up to $150, on repairs at AAMCO.

Another interesting feature is their theft rewards. If your car is stolen, Good Sam offers a $5,000 reward to the person who discovers it. Good Sam's coverage area spans all of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Which Good Sam Auto Plan is right for you?

Enroll in emergency roadside assistance services and programs for RVs and autos from Good Sam Roadside, the leader in the RV industry

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